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Creating a Home Oasis

Now that we’ve spent the last four months inside, it’s easy to start noticing the places in your home that need some revamping. What better time to turn your home into an oasis than now. Comfort, style and functionality can now blend seamlessly into one.
Here is ourguide to creating the perfect at home oasis:
j&m home creating a home oasis mountain of cushions
Nothing screams serenity like a mountain of cushions. Lucky for you we have just expanded our collection. Mix and match with different textures and colours to make your space unique to you.

Some of our favourite pairings are the Simon and Garton cushions, or the Fruscia and the Swinton cushions. With varying textures and bold colours, you’re able to add depth and dimension to your space. Not only are you spicing up your style, but you're surrounding yourself in comfortable bliss. Amidst creating a sea of comfort, it allows you to incorporate some fun and unique colours.
So what’s the deal with everything being pink? Well it’s cute, fun, and gives your home a unique appeal that is outside the norm.
Our favourite way to incorporate pink in the living room is with the Howie coffee table. This subtle, pink marble piece is just what you need to give your home a modern edge. The unique shape and elegant gold detailing make this coffee table the perfect incorporation of a bold colour.
j&m creating a home oasis bedford rug & howies coffee table
Pair all the pink with something neutral. Our Bedford rug collection pairs beautifully with our contemporary line of furniture. Enjoy pure bliss when stepping on these rugs, further enforcing the epitome of comfort. Nothing feels better than taking your shoes off at the end of the day and resting them on a cozy, textured wool rug.
Staying at home may not be the worst thing in the world when you’re surrounded by beautiful furniture and decor. Use code NEW10 for 10% off your first purchase.
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What we have learnt working from home

Styling, planning and more!

It’s been a good four months since a lot of us have settled into the ‘new normal’ of working from home and it has definitely taken a lot of getting used to. So what have we learnt throughout this time?

Home is where the heart is

A home office is one you want to feel comfortable and inspired in. And with the struggles that come with working from home (particularly for a lot of us in 2020), you also want it to be a space to maximise productivity.

Stay inspired

Surround yourself with style and decor that reflect you. If you’re going to be spending up to 8 hours a day in this space, you want it to be one you are proud of and like being in. Choose decor that puts a smile on your face and consider updating and rotating these pieces to keep the space fresh.

Greenery is one of our team’s favourite forms of decorating, particularly in a home office. Plants not only give a fresh feel to a space, but there are many proven mental and physical benefits to sharing space with greenery. Take a look at our catalogue of accents to update your home office into one you love.

Image of large study space with black desk and tall fiddle leaf plant

TOP TIP: Having a plant on your desk will remind you to water and care for it, so it won’t die! (and any excuse to take a break).

Less is more

It can be so easy to get caught up in organising all of your stationary in one place on the desk, which just ends up taking up working space and can lead to clutter. Try and organise pieces that you actually use and need to minimise this clutter.

Be creative with your storage and use that to hide those extra pieces. If you’re anything like us, cupboards and drawers are a priority when choosing the right desk for your home office. Use this space to hide stationary and folders that you don’t need everyday.

Our Adams desk has maximum workspace with minimal storage space, perfect for small stationary pieces.

Image of mangowood slab desk with antique brushed iron legs

For any extra storage, such as cabinets, shelves and trays- select ones that you like and will fit in with the style of your space. Hide your printer away in storage to maximise your working space, and keep cords and wires hidden as much as you can. When your space is clear your mind also won’t feel cluttered!

TOP TIP: If you’re like us and like to collect magazines for inspiration, invest in a ladder to hang them from. Don’t go overboard though! Keep just a few hanging and others stored away- this way you can stay inspired and will also be reminded to actually read them!

Our team share their biggest lessons on how to maximise productivity while working from home:

Start early! J&M Home’s Creative Director and Marketing Specialist, Laura likes an early start to her ‘new-normal’. As an early-riser, she says ‘I like to make a coffee first thing, then get straight into my to-do list and knock out a couple of tasks first thing. This way I feel more accomplished within a couple of hours and more prepared to take a break for breakfast. Then there is a bit less to do when you start to get restless/distracted in your own space later in the day!’

Comfort is key! Says Creative Director, Kendra. The right chair and right setup make all the difference. Not only does it give you an excuse to buy new furniture, but it also makes the work day easier knowing you won’t walk away with back pain.

Take frequent breaks! Working from home is no stranger to J&M Home Controller, Nicole. She advises the need to be frequent and regular when taking breaks in between tasks. It can be so easy to get caught up in deadlines and the need to finish that you forget stepping away from your desk can allow you to reset to finish a task more productively!


Items featured: Crown Lounge chair, Fidel working desk, S&C Kofar rug, Kuma artwork, Soleil lamp

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All About Sofas

Choosing the right sofa can be a daunting task, and there’s a lot of pressure to choose the right one. Sofas are usually the focal point of the living room and an investment piece, which can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. Luckily for you, we have a wide range of sofas to help you make the right choice.

The best advice is to pick the sofa that speaks to you and brings you the most joy! It’s easy to build a room around a central piece of furniture by adding fun decor and cushions, so it’s important to assess the quality of your sofa. That being said, a long-lasting sofa gives you freedom to buy new decor and switch up your cushions, because you won’t have to worry about buying a new couch every few years.


Here are some of our current favourites:



The Skyline sofa is the perfect size for any space. The soft brown leather allows you to shape your space around this piece. Whether you like a more bohemian look, or you’re looking to give your home an edge, this sofa can do it all.

J&M Home - All about sofas blog - Skyline Sofa

The key to this design is balanced fusion of contemporary and classic aesthetics. This great quality piece is the chameleon of sofas, meaning that it adapts to its surroundings, making in the ideal investment.

Placed atop a sleek metal frame this modern and edgy piece caters to everyone’s style while giving you the opportunity to switch out your artwork and cushions whenever you want!



Taking chances with interior design is the perfect way to spice up your space! Bold colours and fun patterns are just what you need to elevate your style. The Picanto sofa has the making of the perfect centerpiece. The unique colour combined with classic style make this piece a bold statement without being overpowering.

J&M Home - All about sofas blog - Picanto Sofa accessories ideas

Enrich your space with elegant hues of emerald green. This sofa exudes sophistication and elegance, immediately elevating your style. Paired with the Garton cushion, you can’t go wrong!


The Picanto sofa is the last of its kind, snatch it up before it’s too late!



Sleek and modern. If you’re someone who loves brightening up your space and changing around your decor, you’re going to need a neutral and timeless sofa.

J&M Home - All about sofas blog - Mirano Sofa

Lucky for you we have just what you’re looking for! The Mirano sofa is soft and subtle, allowing this piece to adapt to any setting. The classic textured grey fabric will complement a multitude of different aesthetics and colour palettes, allowing you to have full creative freedom with your decor.


Grab our sofas while they’re on sale! Use code PRE20 for 20% of our incoming sofas. It’s a deal you can’t pass up.

All that glitters is gold

As we have mentioned throughout this first half of this year (how is it almost July?!) a lot has changed at J&M Home in 2020, especially our inspiration and overall look for Canadian online furniture and decor. For a bit of a refresher, you can read all about our 2020 inspiration in our first blog post of the year here. The main source of our 2020 face and inspiration was to bring you affordable furniture with a touch of luxury. And our favourite way to do that, is with the striking addition of warm accents in gold and brass.

Golden decor

J&M Golden rules - Contemporary decor accents with a spark - rolla sofa setThere is a true contemporary class to any interior that flickers with the sparkle of gold. Whether it be a bold, shining centrepiece that grabs the immediate attention of anyone that enters the room or the subtle accent of a picture frame, gold accents lend the setting to one of elegance and sophistication.

Think of how a neutral and minimal space can be completely uplifted with the simple touch of gold and transformed into a new eclectic style. This addition of gold may only be a subtle accent in the picture frames, legs of the coffee table or splash in the artwork but it’s presence will maintain a balance with it’s polished punch. See how a gold cushion uplifts this space, featuring our Rolla sofa.

J&M Golden rules - Contemporary decor accents with a spark - lustre couchOr in a moody and monochromatic interior, the addition of a subtle (yet striking) gold accent will add instant glamour and warm lustre. The gold accents featured here with our Cartage sofa highlight the green and add more spice to an otherwise dark interior.

We see adding gold to an interior, like finishing an outfit with your favourite gold necklace. It completes the outfit with a timeless elegance.

The Contemporary golden rule

With so many styles to work with, golden accents will not only exude sophistication in a space but an exciting value of eclecticism. However, the key with infusing these metallic elements: less is more. You want to maintain a balance where there is a strong and prominent presence without over saturating the space. Keep your golds to one striking element or a few key accent details where they can all delicately work together.

Sparkle with accent decor

At J&M Home our 2020 catalogue of decor and furniture reflect our aims to represent luxury. See our team’s favourite pieces to add that touch of glam to your space.

Lincoln Lamp

Form follows function, with a hint of luxe! What we love most about this table lamp is that it has multiple functions. Standing tall and bold, the Lincoln can act as a sleek and stylish centrepiece while also being a source of light. The minimal shape does not over saturate the effect of the brass finish and the look is complete with the gorgeous black marble base.
J&M Golden rules - Contemporary decor accents with a spark - lincolm lapm

Albertson Table lamp

J&M Golden rules - Contemporary decor accents with a spark - albertson lampIf you’re looking for a more traditional style of accent lighting, while keeping an understated luxurious look the Albertson would have to be one of our favourites. If the sophisticated organic body in walnut wasn’t enough then the aged brass accent strip has to be the cherry on top of this stunning piece. Complete with a belgian linen shade, project luxe- complete!

Sicily Lounge chair

The subtlety of the gold leg frame is the winning feature in this playful occasional chair. The Sicily is the perfect example of how the accent can completely transform the look and feel of a minimal style. Pair this detail with other subtle gold accents in your space, like gold picture frames or smaller gold decor items to uplight your space with a formal touch.
J&M Golden rules - Contemporary decor accents with a spark - sicilly chair


The true star of our decor catalogue, Otis the dog! For that standout, gold centrepiece to glam up your decor, things don’t get more playful than this. A resin base with a gold coating, Otis will stand tall and capture the attention of everyone that meets him.

J&M Golden rules - Contemporary decor accents with a spark - otis and mirano skars

Skars Ceiling Fixture

If you find the glamour of gold a bit too sheen for your liking, try experimenting with an aged brass. The polished finish of brass works in with all your metallic needs while toning it back on the sparkle and glamour of gold. The geometric shape of the Skars pendant will bring a modern edge to any interior and warm up the details of the space. As seen here in an otherwise neutral setting with our Mirano sofa and coffee table duo.

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All sofas can be pre-ordered now with a 20% discount, use code PRE20.

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How to revamp your space on a budget

With the changing of the seasons, it’s normal to want to change up your space. That being said, redecoration can be costly. Here are some of our tips to help you make the most of your space while still being money conscious.


There is nothing better than finding a bargain, and why not be sustainable while doing it! Thrifting is a great way to find quality pieces without breaking the bank. You’re also given the opportunity to find unique, one of a kind pieces.

Thrifting, however, is not for the faint of heart and can oftentimes be overwhelming. That being said, here are some tips to help you make the most of the experience:

1- Look through everything!

Thrift stores are hard to keep organized, especially if they’re a larger chain. That means you’re likely to find hidden gems in the strangest places.

There have been a number of high-quality, unique pieces that are just waiting to be found and placed in the right home.

2- Don’t be afraid of weird materials

Your next set of curtains can be trendy and financially conscious! The blanket/bedding section in thrift stores is a great place to look for copious amounts of fun materials.

J&M How to revamp your space on a budget fun materials

Not only do these excessive amounts of fabric make for good curtains, but they can also be converted into a variety of stylish pieces. For example: table cloths, and throws for the back of your couch.


Everyone loves a good sale, and there are endless possibilities when it comes to buying furniture. Much like thrift stores, it pays to be patient when it comes to finding the perfect furniture sale.

Places like Ikea and the BRICK are known for having great deals, but everyone knows about them which can make the shopping experience hectic and overwhelming. There’s nothing worse than going home empty handed because you weren’t able to get close to the item you wanted to buy.

Try your hand at some smaller, more obscure sales to find the perfect piece of furniture for your home. Be sure to check out our sale section to see what deals you can find to revamp your home.

Warehouse sales

Warehouse sales are perfect. You can usually find already assembled items at a super discounted price. That being said you are usually expected to accommodate transportation for the item, but with help from your friends that’s not an issue! (Maybe they’ll find something they like too.)

Many retailers are already ordering for the next season, which means they’re sure to have a warehouse with old stock. This allows you to scoop up that piece you’ve had your eye on without breaking the bank.

J&M Home will be doing monthly warehouse sales throughout the summer, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be the first one to know when they’ll be!

Estate sales

Although this is a riskier option when it comes to buying, estate sales are one big treasure hunt; you never know what you’re going to find! This gives you a chance to find luxury items at a lower cost - they’re usually more unique pieces as well.

Move stuff around

The cheapest option to revamping your style would be to simply work with what you’ve got. Sometimes all it takes is moving the couch to the other side of the room to feel like you’ve completely upgraded your space.

You can also swap out decor from other rooms to make it feel like there’s an element of ‘new’ in your home. The mind is easy to trick, so make the most of what you already have!


Smaller items tend to be on the less expensive side. That’s why cushions and accessories are the perfect way to add a playful and contemporary element to your home without having to buy all new furniture. This allows you to change up the way your home looks while still being able to be financially conscious.

J&M How to revamp your space on a budget lamps

Buying new accessories also tricks the mind into thinking you’ve changed your space and enhanced your interior aesthetic.

J&M How to revamp your space on a budget accessories

With our accessory collection being constantly updated, there’s sure to be something new to appease your need to upgrade your space. Whether it be a new lamp or some snazzy artwork, we’re sure to have just what you’re looking for.

Making the most of your space doesn’t need to be costly or stressful. Our goal is to make it as easy for you as possible!

Friday, 29 May 2020 16:12

J&M Rugs

It’s amazing how many different roles a rug can play in just one space. And, with so many roles to fulfill it can really make deciding on the right fit for your space a little bit overwhelming! Maybe you have an open plan home and are simply looking to define different areas of the space. Or you’re just looking for something a little softer underfoot. The simple addition of a rug can solve both of these problems! But what size? What colour? So many decisions! See our team’s top tips for selecting the right rug for you.


Find your purpose

j&M Rugs splendor 3 First things first! What are you wanting to achieve with your rug? The most important role a rug can play in a space is anchoring the furniture to its setting. In doing this, it unites all furniture to complete the harmony of the space. In an open plan setting, a rug can help with the definition of separate living zones which is particularly handy for apartment living.

The texture of most rugs not only adds a physical softness to a space, but also a visual sense of warmth and luxury. Softening those harder surfaces, such as timber and concrete flooring can dramatically change the atmosphere of a living room, while also reducing noise levels. Once you have decided the main role you want your new rug to play in your space, you’ll start to realize there are so many more added benefits!

What size?

Now that your purpose is clear, you want to make sure you select the correct size. Deciding this generally requires a simple measure up of your room-you don’t want a rug to mess with the proportions of your space. However, the universal rule with rugs is the bigger the better!

For that sense of union and harmony, you want your rug to fit underneath all your furniture- the front legs of sofas and armchairs at the very least. If you are selecting a rug to go underneath your dining table be mindful of having enough length beyond the edges of the table so the legs of the dining chairs remain on the rug when pulled out. In a bedroom, you want to leave enough space between the rug and walls for a sense of separation while allowing doors to open seamlessly.


Finishing the look

Finally, with all practical measures taken into consideration we can start thinking about the design qualities in your rug! We suggest choosing a rug before finalizing all decor, as the colour and pattern of a rug can work to tie in a room’s decor and furniture. Choosing a rug that works well with your furniture is important, however also allows you to work further with your decor. Subtle flecks and tones of one colour in a rug can be used as an accent tone in your decor. The opportunities are endless!

Working with colour

Take our Splendor III rug as an example. The neutral grey tones allow this rug to work well in a lot of settings while adding interest with it’s distressed print and minimal flecks of blue. To enhance the blues, you can select decor such as cushions, artwork and ornaments with blue tones to work in with your rug.

The texture in rugs like those from our Splendor collection adds a sense of luxury and depth to a room, with neutral tones that are likely to work in with a lot of different furnishings. As rugs can ultimately ground a space, the colour can change the overall perception of a space. Lighter tones opens up a space to feel airy and bright while darker tones add luxury, making a space feel more luxurious.


Adorned with pattern

There are so many different designs and styles of rugs out there, allowing rugs to work as a piece of art. Pattern adds movement and interest to your adorned floor, creating a strong sense of dynamism and character.


Our Splendor II rug makes a bold statement with sharp shapes and strong gold hues, setting the tone for a striking space. Yellow and gold accents can be used in furniture and decor to complete this look.

j&M Rugs Splendor 2

J&M Rugs Momentos  For a more subtle adorn of pattern, our Momentos collection adopts a soft gradient effect. Momentos II offers three different tones with a strong contrast, while keeping the style simple. The brown hues can work with many different tones of wood in furniture and the blue offers a fun accent colour.

Selecting the right rug doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task, and there are so many benefits of adding one to your space. With the launch of our two new rug collections online, we want to offer an exclusive discount code for this weekend only! Get 15% off our rug catalogue using the code JMRUGS15. Happy Shopping!

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Hello Spring Accessories

The spring symbolizes a fresh change outdoors, which leads us to open up the windows and bring that lightness in. With all that spring cleaning (and extra cleaning in quarantine for some) it only makes sense to have our living spaces reflect this lightness and what better way to do that than to add some fun, contemporary accessories to your home!

Accessories are the final touches that bring a space together, adding those extra layers of warmth and personal character. The problem with accessories is that there are so many styles and pieces to choose from, that most people don’t know where to start looking! These are our top tips for choosing new decor for the warmer months.

Simplicity is key

Avoid over-styling! You want to pick pieces you absolutely love so you feel like they belong in that space. The key to styling with accessories is to make it look effortless and as though they have been collected without clutter but to finalize the character of your space.

Balance of layers

As the final touches of your space, treat your accessories as the final layers of your design. Without these layers, the whole room can come across as flat which is the last feeling you want in the warmer months! Create a strong hierarchy with different shapes, sizes and tones. For example, if you have a lamp with a bit of height, balance any accessories styled with the lamp down from this height to even out the space.

Accent tones

Your accessories are the perfect opportunity to create a final sense of unity with accent tones. Our favourite is a gold or brass finish to add a little extra feeling of luxe. Maybe your sofa has brass finished feet that aren’t very noticeable, but by adding some decor in brass will bring out the subtlety of the feet and bong the whole space together. Don’t be afraid to make a statement with your accessories!
j&mhome hello spring accessories hinsdale lights and artwork
Below we have our top picks for spring accessories that are sure to enhance your space!
j&mhome hello spring accessories bailey


Brighten your space with our show stopping piece! Bailey has captured our hearts, and he’s sure to capture yours as well!

Bailey is perfect for any space, any setting, any aesthetic. His golden exterior exudes sophistication while still adding edge to your space.

The fun thing about accessories is that they are always changing and evolving.Take a risk with this eccentric piece, and elevate your style.


Lighting is on everyone’s mind! Nothing symbolizes the changeover of the new season like changing up your lamps in softer materials. Brighten your space with our wide range of lighting. With smaller table lamps, you are able to change the entire feel of your room and switch them up frequently.

The Soleil table lamp is cutting edge and trendy. The name itself means ‘sun’, which could not be more perfect for the season! The neutral colours and simple design allow this piece to complement the style of your home, while still standing out on its own.
j&mhome hello spring accessories soleil lamp
j&mhome hello spring accessories Kuma art


Now is the perfect time to add colour and pizzaz to your home. Luckily we have a line of modern artworks by Canadian artists. You get to support Canada’s economy while making your space your own.

Artwork is the perfect accessory, regardless of season. It is an easy way to round out your decor while still making a statement. Be the talk among all your friends for having the best pieces!

The Kuma painting is the perfect transitional piece to take your home from winter into full spring mode.

Throws & Blankets

An easy way to spruce up your living room and bedroom is to change up your blankets. Try out new colours and new designs to embrace the spring. Tofino Towel Co. makes this possible with their line of throws and blankets. With 10% off your first purchase, how could you say no? Their sustainable values are even more reason to support this small, local business.

Nothing makes a house feel like a home more than adding your own personal taste to every room. The easiest way to accomplish this is to incorporate easy, functional, and neutral spring pieces that you are proud of!

Fortunately enough, we are having a weekend sale on all accessories to make spring accessorizing easy! Use code DECORATE15 for 15% off!
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The Tones of Spring

Warmer days have finally joined us; bright blue skies framing our views of stunning cherry blossoms and vibrant tulips. Although it’s been a bit of a late start here in Vancouver, spring has bloomed with winter well and truly behind us! And there is no better way to celebrate the change of season than with a Spring Home refresh.

Little tweaks can be made with our top Spring Essentials to update your space, with the main focus being: colour. A simple change of colour palette can significantly invigorate the look and feel of your home- just as the transition to spring does to our winter blues.

From gloomy and moody navy blues and greys representing the colder months, spring pops into our lives to stimulate our senses both physically and visually. The vibrant and sensational tones of flora blooming, brightened by sunnier days. They all have a positive effect on our moods and create optimism in the air. Although we are currently facing stranger times amongst the current pandemic, with less time to enjoy these simple changes outdoors we can bring them indoors to lighten the mood and create positivity for the future.

With inspiration from our own catalogue, we look through our top 3 colours you can adapt into your home this change of season:

Classic Blue

Announced as the Pantone colour of the year 2020, classic blue steers us back to traditional decorating ‘instilling calm, confidence and connection’. There is a true elegance to this rich tone and it is sure to be a bold statement to any space or style. Another hue that pairs well with green to reflect a bright spring day, this is a colour we will be seeing a lot of in 2020. Consider making a bold statement with our Ripon sofa chair.
j&m the tones of spring clasic blue ripon sofa chair
j&m the tones of spring pink skoda sofa

Coral Pink

Pink has been a popular colour in interior trends over the years with the rise of the soft blush tone almost working in as a neutral favourite. More recently, we have seen the trend of richer and less saturated tones rising in popularity along the likes of tangerine and coral. A splash of coral provides a bit of warmth, while staying subtle and not going too over the top. Matched with the greenery of plants, and you’ve got yourself a vibrant spring oasis! For a splash of coral packed into your living space, shop our Skoda sofa.

Tart Orange

This rich and bright colour only peaks in popularity through these warmer months, as we want to bring the warmth of the outdoors back indoors. The most cheerful of our picks, works best as an accent tone used sparingly through soft furnishings to add that playful element to your living space. Our versatile Veronic Chair would lift the mood of any space this Spring.

If you were looking for a little Spring refresh with some of the furniture pieces mentioned above, they will be available this weekend at our Spring Cleaning Sale, plus so much more! We are marking down the prices of some inventory as we make way for new pieces coming in the next few weeks. Get in touch with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions and sign-up to our newsletter at the bottom of the page to get a further look into what will be on sale!
j&m the tones of spring tart veronic chair
j&m the tones of spring  spring sale 2020
Wednesday, 29 April 2020 18:35

Spring Essentials

With the changing of the seasons, we feel it’s important to freshen up your space and embrace this time of year. Make the changes you’ve been wanting to, add bright colours, and enhance your interior decor with the elements of the season.

Although we can't enjoy the outdoors as much as we'd like to right now, you can bring the outdoors in and support local business at the same time. That being said, here are our top 4 spring essentials:

1.- Spruce up your space with flowers


“April showers bring May flowers” is how the saying goes, and we couldn’t agree more! There’s nothing better than coming home to a vase of flowers, or enjoying your afternoon coffee in the garden.

Therefore, our top spring essential is to surround yourself with as many plants and flowers as possible!


Floralista is a local company from Fort Langley that does curbside drop off and same day delivery if you order before 10am. Their beautiful arrangements are just what you need to brighten up your home and add that spring flair you’re looking for. Now more than ever it’s important to support local companies and create a sense of community among such uncertainty. They also make the perfect gift for Mother’s Day!


2.- Spice up your decor and furniture


Owen piece by Canadian artist Patrick St Germain is just >what you need to add colour and dimension to your home. While remaining relatively neutral, this piece adds the perfect contemporary twist to make your home spring ready!

j&m home spring essentials pink chairWe also provide the perfect lounge chairs for you to enjoy relaxing time with a cup of coffee and a good book. Much like everyone else, the springtime means change, and we are constantly adding new pieces to our site! Look out for our Bruno lounge chair, which adds flair and colour to your space in a subtle and delightful way. The perfect blend of comfort and style is just what you need to move into the new season.

3.- Make the most of your outdoor space

There’s no better way to embrace the spring time than spending your days outside. Although we aren’t able to head to happy hour on a restaurant patio, there are still plenty of options.


Spruce up your patio furniture with our variety of outdoor cushions. Our Fieldfare and Rockhill cushions have fun designs but are monochromatic, allowing them to fit to a wide range of outdoor furniture.

j&m home spring essentials pillow and decorative ideas

Create your own inviting atmosphere by ordering from some of your favourite local restaurants. Britannia Brewing Company provides takeout options to cater to your outdoor dining needs. Not only is it important to take care of yourself during this time, it’s important to support local companies impacted at this time.


4.- Create an in-home oasis


The best part about spring is that it stays lighter later, and makes for some beautiful sunsets. Make the outside match the inside, with some of our vibrant new lamps.

Our standout piece, the Aragon table lamp, is just what you need to brighten up your space. Add edge and excitement to your home. There’s no better time to make changes than at the start of a new season.


jnm_home_spring_essentials_coffee_cupWe also feel that there’s nothing better than going to a warm and inviting cafe. Although that’s not an option for us at the moment, Beaucoup Bakery is doing their best to provide us with a delicious variety of baked goods. This local company provides takeout options to help you create the warm and inviting atmosphere you’ve been missing while still supporting small businesses.

We hope you’re embracing the new season in the best way for you! As a way to help make all your spring dreams come true, we’re offering 20% off this weekend with the code SPRING20. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to keep up with all things J&M Home!

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Top tips for working from home

Adjusting to a new routine

As the world comes to terms with the effects of the current global pandemic, a lot of us are adjusting to a new routine indoors and away from our families and friends. For a lot of us too, this routine includes a new and very short commute to work; from our beds to our newly developed work spaces in our homes in order to limit the spread of COVID-19

 Regardless of where you are working within your home, it can be a difficult adjustment to our everyday routine and present a number of obstacles throughout the day that can take a toll on our physical and mental health. We reached out to a few local designers to see how they are handling their new way of life and their top tips for working from home.


Taking care of your physical health

Taking care your physical health oriental casaLuxury furniture showroom Oriental Casa has managed to keep their doors open throughout many retail closures while restricting visits to appointments only and taking the correct hygiene measures for those visits. While spending less time in the showroom and more time working from home, President Stephanie Smith advises there is nothing more important than the ergonomics in your working space. A comfortable chair with the right back support is vital for your posture. This, matched with sitting your monitor at the appropriate height and eye-level will keep you from slumping your shoulders and feeling the strain at the end of the day. And don’t forget to stretch!

To see the gorgeous luxury of east meets west at Oriental Casa on South Granville you can get in touch via email or phone to book your appointment here.


Creating boundaries and the feeling of home

Founder Meaghan Jones has found that keeping to simple Vancouver-based interior design practice, Studio Hemma believes in the feeling of comfort and home having the power to enhance our everyday lives, which could not be more important these days. Founder Meaghan Jones has found that keeping to simple routines has made the transition to working from home a lot smoother. She advises giving yourself boundaries during the work day by keeping your work to a dedicated space and hours. ‘It’s too easy with a laptop in hand to find yourself working on the couch until 10pm!’

Productivity is down for many working from home, so Meaghan advises to make a to-do list each day and scheduling time to take breaks. Give your co-worker a call for some human interaction, ‘we need it now more than ever!’ . Most importantly, Meaghan mentions the importance of lowering your expectations when working from home as there will be days where you can’t tick all the boxes. As a designer, Meaghan’s goal is to guide her clients to their authentic space. Adjusting to the current climate, Studio Hemma has launched a range of Virtual Design services allowing clients their usual full-service design as well as the ability to schedule online consultations for future renovations and furniture packages. You can get in touch with Studio Hemma through their website .



Connecting to your space to increase productivity

‘When you create a space that connects you to your work zone and flow, you will be more productive and happy’ advises local designer Melissa Hardwick of Melissa Hardwick Design . For Melissa, this includes creating a clutter-free space with plenty of light. The addition of plants, scented candles and music adds to the right atmosphere for maximum productivity. She also notes a good stash of chocolate to get her through the day!

For the perfect working from home space, Melissa says it’s all about storage, organization and comfort. You can read Melissa’s top tips for converting and creating a Home Office on her blog here . Melissa Hardwick Design is a Vancouver based Interior Design Studio that is currently offering e-design services to transition with the global pandemic. You can get in touch with Melissa online.

As our team is currently completing their fifth week working from home, we all agree that taking care of your body as well as your mind through these stressful times is number one. See our top picks for making the perfect home office below. We hope you are all staying safe and healthy!


Top tips for working from home Adjusting to a new routine

J&M products outlined in the above image

Lighting is essential to creating the perfect space!

More often than not, a combination of the three forms of lighting can be forgotten in the overall design of a space. These types of lighting include: general, task and accents. General lighting is the most used form to provide even, overall light to a room. However, without the mix of task and accent lighting, a space can lack ambience and affect the experience of the user.

At J&M Home we believe that the right lighting makes all the difference. Including task and accent lighting can exponentially improve how you feel and subsequently interact in your space. With our new range of lighting, we allow you to add dimension and fun layers, while improving your experience and developing your space into a unique representation of you and your style.

Our contemporary range of diverse pieces allow you to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. We aspire to add visual interest with our lamps, by creating new and exciting focal points in your room. This collection of lighting will brighten and highlight your contemporary décor while creating a harmonious ambience in the space.

Whether it’s at home, or a corporate setting, we know how important the right lighting is to make the most of your space.

What we offer at J&M

Buckland Table Lamp
Buckland Table Lamp

Our Buckland Table Lamp is our one piece of task lighting, perfect for your working from home desk or just what you need for that extra lighting on your bedside table. With its sleek design and classic colour palette, the Buckland will add modern style and illumination for any required task.

Linn Ceiling fixture

To add a little extra style to your general lighting use our Linn Ceiling fixture to brighten your room. The unique glass design projects strong lighting for your space with a sophisticated tone. A truly unique design with great function!

Lacuna floor lamp
Lacuna floor lamp

Coming soon to our collection is the Lacuna floor lamp, the prime piece to brighten the dark corners of your home. The sleek white cotton shade and terrazzo base allows this piece to perfectly fit in and complement your décor while the antique brushed brass finish not only adds a touch of luxury, but also adds the extra ambience every home needs.

With our understanding of modern design, we know that being intentional with your lighting choices can entirely change the atmosphere of your living or work space. You can find our full collection of lighting here and keep an eye out for so much more to come!

Our pieces are sure to capture everyone’s attention!

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What to expect from J&M Home

We’re all in this together

It is business as usual here at J&M Home, with the few extra necessary measures. At such a challenging and unpredictable time, we want to ensure all our customers that we are taking all the required precautions while remaining true to all of our values. Our team is continuing to monitor the circumstances of COVID-19 and doing our part to handle all orders and deliveries with the best of care.

Our team are playing their part in keeping their physical distance where possible and keeping our offices and warehouse clean. All orders are handled with the proper hygienic precautions while also working alongside our couriers by completing non-contact drop-offs. As we do our part, please be mindful that the current global climate may impact the timing of your delivery. Let’s not forget, we are all in this together!


JnM home bedroom setting for new catalogue exciting new contemporary look

Welcome to our new look

In more exciting news, you may notice we have a brand new face! Here at J&M Home we are always on the lookout for inspiration to freshen up our shop. Our team has been working hard to give J&M a fresh new look with some exciting new pieces to match.

Throughout these changes, our focus remains the same; providing quality and affordable home goods to adorn your modern home. Our inspiration has, however, taken a bit of a new turn in 2020.

Looking luxe

looking luxe JnM new contemporary look

With style trends constantly changing, J&M Home has shifted to bring a touch of luxury to your home. Luxury, without the grand price-tag.

JnM home desk setting for new catalogue exciting new contemporary look

Think marble and gold accents, finished with a striking hue. A rich green velvet and soft rose pink. Bold lighting pieces that complete the room, or artwork that become the focus of any space. Drawing inspiration from the contemporary trends of today, mixed with the timeless style of the past.

These are the elements you will find in our New 2020 collection, online now. A small, yet versatile catalogue of lighting, artwork and decor to add that touch of luxe to your modern lifestyle. And what’s more exciting, there's so much more to come! We have big plans for 2020 and hope to share it all with you even amongst these uncertain times. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates soon and we hope you are all staying safe and healthy.