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Golden rules - Contemporary decor accents with a spark!

All that glitters is gold

As we have mentioned throughout this first half of this year (how is it almost July?!) a lot has changed at J&M Home in 2020, especially our inspiration and overall look for Canadian online furniture and decor. For a bit of a refresher, you can read all about our 2020 inspiration in our first blog post of the year here. The main source of our 2020 face and inspiration was to bring you affordable furniture with a touch of luxury. And our favourite way to do that, is with the striking addition of warm accents in gold and brass.

Golden decor

J&M Golden rules - Contemporary decor accents with a spark - rolla sofa setThere is a true contemporary class to any interior that flickers with the sparkle of gold. Whether it be a bold, shining centrepiece that grabs the immediate attention of anyone that enters the room or the subtle accent of a picture frame, gold accents lend the setting to one of elegance and sophistication.

Think of how a neutral and minimal space can be completely uplifted with the simple touch of gold and transformed into a new eclectic style. This addition of gold may only be a subtle accent in the picture frames, legs of the coffee table or splash in the artwork but it’s presence will maintain a balance with it’s polished punch. See how a gold cushion uplifts this space, featuring our Rolla sofa.

J&M Golden rules - Contemporary decor accents with a spark - lustre couchOr in a moody and monochromatic interior, the addition of a subtle (yet striking) gold accent will add instant glamour and warm lustre. The gold accents featured here with our Cartage sofa highlight the green and add more spice to an otherwise dark interior.

We see adding gold to an interior, like finishing an outfit with your favourite gold necklace. It completes the outfit with a timeless elegance.

The Contemporary golden rule

With so many styles to work with, golden accents will not only exude sophistication in a space but an exciting value of eclecticism. However, the key with infusing these metallic elements: less is more. You want to maintain a balance where there is a strong and prominent presence without over saturating the space. Keep your golds to one striking element or a few key accent details where they can all delicately work together.

Sparkle with accent decor

At J&M Home our 2020 catalogue of decor and furniture reflect our aims to represent luxury. See our team’s favourite pieces to add that touch of glam to your space.

Lincoln Lamp

Form follows function, with a hint of luxe! What we love most about this table lamp is that it has multiple functions. Standing tall and bold, the Lincoln can act as a sleek and stylish centrepiece while also being a source of light. The minimal shape does not over saturate the effect of the brass finish and the look is complete with the gorgeous black marble base.
J&M Golden rules - Contemporary decor accents with a spark - lincolm lapm

Albertson Table lamp

J&M Golden rules - Contemporary decor accents with a spark - albertson lampIf you’re looking for a more traditional style of accent lighting, while keeping an understated luxurious look the Albertson would have to be one of our favourites. If the sophisticated organic body in walnut wasn’t enough then the aged brass accent strip has to be the cherry on top of this stunning piece. Complete with a belgian linen shade, project luxe- complete!

Sicily Lounge chair

The subtlety of the gold leg frame is the winning feature in this playful occasional chair. The Sicily is the perfect example of how the accent can completely transform the look and feel of a minimal style. Pair this detail with other subtle gold accents in your space, like gold picture frames or smaller gold decor items to uplight your space with a formal touch.
J&M Golden rules - Contemporary decor accents with a spark - sicilly chair


The true star of our decor catalogue, Otis the dog! For that standout, gold centrepiece to glam up your decor, things don’t get more playful than this. A resin base with a gold coating, Otis will stand tall and capture the attention of everyone that meets him.

J&M Golden rules - Contemporary decor accents with a spark - otis and mirano skars

Skars Ceiling Fixture

If you find the glamour of gold a bit too sheen for your liking, try experimenting with an aged brass. The polished finish of brass works in with all your metallic needs while toning it back on the sparkle and glamour of gold. The geometric shape of the Skars pendant will bring a modern edge to any interior and warm up the details of the space. As seen here in an otherwise neutral setting with our Mirano sofa and coffee table duo.

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