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It’s amazing how many different roles a rug can play in just one space. And, with so many roles to fulfill it can really make deciding on the right fit for your space a little bit overwhelming! Maybe you have an open plan home and are simply looking to define different areas of the space. Or you’re just looking for something a little softer underfoot. The simple addition of a rug can solve both of these problems! But what size? What colour? So many decisions! See our team’s top tips for selecting the right rug for you.


Find your purpose

j&M Rugs splendor 3 First things first! What are you wanting to achieve with your rug? The most important role a rug can play in a space is anchoring the furniture to its setting. In doing this, it unites all furniture to complete the harmony of the space. In an open plan setting, a rug can help with the definition of separate living zones which is particularly handy for apartment living.

The texture of most rugs not only adds a physical softness to a space, but also a visual sense of warmth and luxury. Softening those harder surfaces, such as timber and concrete flooring can dramatically change the atmosphere of a living room, while also reducing noise levels. Once you have decided the main role you want your new rug to play in your space, you’ll start to realize there are so many more added benefits!

What size?

Now that your purpose is clear, you want to make sure you select the correct size. Deciding this generally requires a simple measure up of your room-you don’t want a rug to mess with the proportions of your space. However, the universal rule with rugs is the bigger the better!

For that sense of union and harmony, you want your rug to fit underneath all your furniture- the front legs of sofas and armchairs at the very least. If you are selecting a rug to go underneath your dining table be mindful of having enough length beyond the edges of the table so the legs of the dining chairs remain on the rug when pulled out. In a bedroom, you want to leave enough space between the rug and walls for a sense of separation while allowing doors to open seamlessly.


Finishing the look

Finally, with all practical measures taken into consideration we can start thinking about the design qualities in your rug! We suggest choosing a rug before finalizing all decor, as the colour and pattern of a rug can work to tie in a room’s decor and furniture. Choosing a rug that works well with your furniture is important, however also allows you to work further with your decor. Subtle flecks and tones of one colour in a rug can be used as an accent tone in your decor. The opportunities are endless!

Working with colour

Take our Splendor III rug as an example. The neutral grey tones allow this rug to work well in a lot of settings while adding interest with it’s distressed print and minimal flecks of blue. To enhance the blues, you can select decor such as cushions, artwork and ornaments with blue tones to work in with your rug.

The texture in rugs like those from our Splendor collection adds a sense of luxury and depth to a room, with neutral tones that are likely to work in with a lot of different furnishings. As rugs can ultimately ground a space, the colour can change the overall perception of a space. Lighter tones opens up a space to feel airy and bright while darker tones add luxury, making a space feel more luxurious.


Adorned with pattern

There are so many different designs and styles of rugs out there, allowing rugs to work as a piece of art. Pattern adds movement and interest to your adorned floor, creating a strong sense of dynamism and character.


Our Splendor II rug makes a bold statement with sharp shapes and strong gold hues, setting the tone for a striking space. Yellow and gold accents can be used in furniture and decor to complete this look.

j&M Rugs Splendor 2

J&M Rugs Momentos  For a more subtle adorn of pattern, our Momentos collection adopts a soft gradient effect. Momentos II offers three different tones with a strong contrast, while keeping the style simple. The brown hues can work with many different tones of wood in furniture and the blue offers a fun accent colour.

Selecting the right rug doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task, and there are so many benefits of adding one to your space. With the launch of our two new rug collections online, we want to offer an exclusive discount code for this weekend only! Get 15% off our rug catalogue using the code JMRUGS15. Happy Shopping!