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Hello Spring Accessories

The spring symbolizes a fresh change outdoors, which leads us to open up the windows and bring that lightness in. With all that spring cleaning (and extra cleaning in quarantine for some) it only makes sense to have our living spaces reflect this lightness and what better way to do that than to add some fun, contemporary accessories to your home!

Accessories are the final touches that bring a space together, adding those extra layers of warmth and personal character. The problem with accessories is that there are so many styles and pieces to choose from, that most people don’t know where to start looking! These are our top tips for choosing new decor for the warmer months.

Simplicity is key

Avoid over-styling! You want to pick pieces you absolutely love so you feel like they belong in that space. The key to styling with accessories is to make it look effortless and as though they have been collected without clutter but to finalize the character of your space.

Balance of layers

As the final touches of your space, treat your accessories as the final layers of your design. Without these layers, the whole room can come across as flat which is the last feeling you want in the warmer months! Create a strong hierarchy with different shapes, sizes and tones. For example, if you have a lamp with a bit of height, balance any accessories styled with the lamp down from this height to even out the space.

Accent tones

Your accessories are the perfect opportunity to create a final sense of unity with accent tones. Our favourite is a gold or brass finish to add a little extra feeling of luxe. Maybe your sofa has brass finished feet that aren’t very noticeable, but by adding some decor in brass will bring out the subtlety of the feet and bong the whole space together. Don’t be afraid to make a statement with your accessories!
j&mhome hello spring accessories hinsdale lights and artwork
Below we have our top picks for spring accessories that are sure to enhance your space!
j&mhome hello spring accessories bailey


Brighten your space with our show stopping piece! Bailey has captured our hearts, and he’s sure to capture yours as well!

Bailey is perfect for any space, any setting, any aesthetic. His golden exterior exudes sophistication while still adding edge to your space.

The fun thing about accessories is that they are always changing and evolving.Take a risk with this eccentric piece, and elevate your style.


Lighting is on everyone’s mind! Nothing symbolizes the changeover of the new season like changing up your lamps in softer materials. Brighten your space with our wide range of lighting. With smaller table lamps, you are able to change the entire feel of your room and switch them up frequently.

The Soleil table lamp is cutting edge and trendy. The name itself means ‘sun’, which could not be more perfect for the season! The neutral colours and simple design allow this piece to complement the style of your home, while still standing out on its own.
j&mhome hello spring accessories soleil lamp
j&mhome hello spring accessories Kuma art


Now is the perfect time to add colour and pizzaz to your home. Luckily we have a line of modern artworks by Canadian artists. You get to support Canada’s economy while making your space your own.

Artwork is the perfect accessory, regardless of season. It is an easy way to round out your decor while still making a statement. Be the talk among all your friends for having the best pieces!

The Kuma painting is the perfect transitional piece to take your home from winter into full spring mode.

Throws & Blankets

An easy way to spruce up your living room and bedroom is to change up your blankets. Try out new colours and new designs to embrace the spring. Tofino Towel Co. makes this possible with their line of throws and blankets. With 10% off your first purchase, how could you say no? Their sustainable values are even more reason to support this small, local business.

Nothing makes a house feel like a home more than adding your own personal taste to every room. The easiest way to accomplish this is to incorporate easy, functional, and neutral spring pieces that you are proud of!

Fortunately enough, we are having a weekend sale on all accessories to make spring accessorizing easy! Use code DECORATE15 for 15% off!
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