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Top tips for working from home

Adjusting to a new routine

As the world comes to terms with the effects of the current global pandemic, a lot of us are adjusting to a new routine indoors and away from our families and friends. For a lot of us too, this routine includes a new and very short commute to work; from our beds to our newly developed work spaces in our homes in order to limit the spread of COVID-19

 Regardless of where you are working within your home, it can be a difficult adjustment to our everyday routine and present a number of obstacles throughout the day that can take a toll on our physical and mental health. We reached out to a few local designers to see how they are handling their new way of life and their top tips for working from home.


Taking care of your physical health

Taking care your physical health oriental casaLuxury furniture showroom Oriental Casa has managed to keep their doors open throughout many retail closures while restricting visits to appointments only and taking the correct hygiene measures for those visits. While spending less time in the showroom and more time working from home, President Stephanie Smith advises there is nothing more important than the ergonomics in your working space. A comfortable chair with the right back support is vital for your posture. This, matched with sitting your monitor at the appropriate height and eye-level will keep you from slumping your shoulders and feeling the strain at the end of the day. And don’t forget to stretch!

To see the gorgeous luxury of east meets west at Oriental Casa on South Granville you can get in touch via email or phone to book your appointment here.


Creating boundaries and the feeling of home

Founder Meaghan Jones has found that keeping to simple Vancouver-based interior design practice, Studio Hemma believes in the feeling of comfort and home having the power to enhance our everyday lives, which could not be more important these days. Founder Meaghan Jones has found that keeping to simple routines has made the transition to working from home a lot smoother. She advises giving yourself boundaries during the work day by keeping your work to a dedicated space and hours. ‘It’s too easy with a laptop in hand to find yourself working on the couch until 10pm!’

Productivity is down for many working from home, so Meaghan advises to make a to-do list each day and scheduling time to take breaks. Give your co-worker a call for some human interaction, ‘we need it now more than ever!’ . Most importantly, Meaghan mentions the importance of lowering your expectations when working from home as there will be days where you can’t tick all the boxes. As a designer, Meaghan’s goal is to guide her clients to their authentic space. Adjusting to the current climate, Studio Hemma has launched a range of Virtual Design services allowing clients their usual full-service design as well as the ability to schedule online consultations for future renovations and furniture packages. You can get in touch with Studio Hemma through their website .



Connecting to your space to increase productivity

‘When you create a space that connects you to your work zone and flow, you will be more productive and happy’ advises local designer Melissa Hardwick of Melissa Hardwick Design . For Melissa, this includes creating a clutter-free space with plenty of light. The addition of plants, scented candles and music adds to the right atmosphere for maximum productivity. She also notes a good stash of chocolate to get her through the day!

For the perfect working from home space, Melissa says it’s all about storage, organization and comfort. You can read Melissa’s top tips for converting and creating a Home Office on her blog here . Melissa Hardwick Design is a Vancouver based Interior Design Studio that is currently offering e-design services to transition with the global pandemic. You can get in touch with Melissa online.

As our team is currently completing their fifth week working from home, we all agree that taking care of your body as well as your mind through these stressful times is number one. See our top picks for making the perfect home office below. We hope you are all staying safe and healthy!


Top tips for working from home Adjusting to a new routine

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